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Club history


1953 - The club was founded and courts 1, 2 and 3 were built.


1965 - Sunday 21 February was the official opening of our clubhouse, replacing the old tin shed, which was located where court 4 stands today. There were 200 guests at the official opening. This massive achievement was due to the dedication of many members, some of whom loaned the club funds in a form of debenture, to be repaid over a period of five years.

The building committee, comprising of Frank McBain, Neville Brown, Neil Watt, Trevor Irwin, Ian Johnson, Ron Hines and Barry Rule (advisor and architect), spent an enormous amount of time in the preparation and organisation in reaching the stage of financing and finally the construction of our clubhouse.

The same year, the NSLTA and NSJTA won their first pennants.


1966 - The construction of courts 4 and 5 were completed. With council assistance, the same group of members were able to achieve this at a cost of 1,800 pounds each. The club's membership grew to 264 in total.


1971/72 - Honour Boards were purchased and alterations were made to the entrance door.


1972/73 - The complete re-lining of courts 1, 2 and 3 plus the overhaul of the bore were undertaken. Levelling of the area in front of the clubhouse took place and bluestone pitchers were laid. Final repayment of all the club's debentures was made.


1976/77 - An additional court was discussed. Council members were awaiting developments regarding annexation of Strathmore from the City of Broadmeadows to the City of Essendon before considering new tennis facilities. The club was also pursuing the possibility of siting the courts at the far side of the bowling club.


1978 - Lighting on courts 1, 2 and 3 was installed, which expanded the use of the courts and club facilities. The annexure of Strathmore from the City of Broadmeadows to the City of Essendon was underway and completed by 1979.


1979/80 - Resurfacing of all courts was conducted.


1985/86 - Numerous capital works were conducted around the clubhouse and surrounds. The incorporation of the club was underway, being granted on 3 July 1986.


1990/91 - New lights were installed on court 4.


1991/92 - Courts 1, 2 and 3 were resurfaced and the lights were also upgraded on these courts. New drainage was also installed.


1992/93 - Repairs were made to all courts due to flood damage in December 1992 and January 1993. Drainage problems were also rectified. The top car park was sealed and the clubhouse was repainted.


1994/95 - Coin-operated court light meters were installed. Courts 4 and 5 were resurfaced with synthetic grass in March 1995.


2007 - Bore water used to water courts due to severe drought conditions. Installing a rain water tank was under consideration.


2014 - Plans commenced for two new courts to be built on the site of the former Maternal Health Centre.


2015 - The building of two new courts commenced.

2016 - The two new courts opened in February.


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