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Saturday 16th March
Afternoon and evening (BBQ late afternoon)


Sunday 17th March
All day

Notes re Junior Events:

  • Age determined as at date of birth and scheduled start date of tournament
  • Junior Members are able to enter a maximum of two (2) junior singles events plus two (2) senior single events (see notes on Senior Events)
  • Parents of children participating will be rostered to assist with umpiring


  • Singles: One (1) set to 8 games (tiebreak at 7-all)
  • Doubles: Knockout format – One (1) set to 8 games (tiebreak at 7-all)
  • Round Robin Format: 4 games (at the end of  the Round Robin format, first and second place  play off final, one set to 6 games, tiebreak at 5-all)


Notes re Senior Events:

  • Junior members are able to enter any of the Senior Open Events even if they have no Senior Grading, however a Senior Grading is required for events 6 and 7
  • President’s Plate – Senior Gradings : B Special and Under
  • To be eligible for event numbers 6 and 7, members must be or have been playing for a Strathmore Tennis Club Team in the NSTA, NSNTA, TV or NSLTA competition during 2018 or Season 1, 2019; this also determines your Senior Grading
  • Veterans – 40 years plus as at date of birth and start date of tournament
  • Players can enter a maximum of two (2) senior singles events
  • Senior Round Robins will include a final play-off between the two highest scoring teams after the round robin – one set to 6 games (tiebreak at 5-all)


  • One set to 8 games (tiebreak at 7-all) except R/R events
  • Finals for Events 1-7: Best of 3 sets, Sets 1 and 2 = 6-all tie break, Set 3 = Advantage
  • Finals for Events 8 and 9: One (1) set to 8 games (tiebreak at 7-all)


Entry Fees

  • Singles: $12 per person per event
  • Doubles: $10 per person per event
  • Fastest serve: gold coin donation

Fees must be paid on the day of play before taking the court


General notes

  • Please ensure availability on the scheduled dates.
  • Matches cannot be rescheduled once the draw is displayed on the noticeboard. Inability to play will result in a forfeit of the match.
  • Players must be financial members.
  • Entry requirements – Singles : minimum four, Doubles: minimum four pairs.
  • Seeding (not applicable for R/R events) will be based at the discretion of the committee,
    ie where eight entries are obtained for an event then four seedings will apply. 1st and 4th seed will be on one side of the draw with 2nd and 3rd seeds on the other side depending on entries. Note that the seed ranking  will not be disclosed as the purpose of seedings is to evenly spread the seeded players throughout the draw in a fair manner.
  • All draws with seeded players: the  unseeded players will be drawn by ballot to play the seeded players.
  • Events will be played on the dates listed, weather permitting.
  • The draw will be on view at the Clubhouse and website. Players must be ready to play at the time listed.
  • Players are required to bag and water courts on completion of each set/match.
  • Forfeit penalty applies (15 minutes grace).
  • Inappropriate on/off court behaviour will receive one warning.
  • The committee reserves the right to reduce match length/cancel events/apply the forfeit rule.
  • Any player has the right to request an umpire.
  • Correct tennis attire must be worn at all times.
  • Entry forms must be lodged by the closing date.
  • Hit-ups are limited to three minutes.


Please also note

Round Robin (R/R) may be graded depending on number of entries.

Committee decisions will be final

Engraved trophies to be presented at the Annual General Meeting in 2019.

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